Bible and the Law. Interesting things.

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Bible and the Law

The Bible contains scriptures on the christian guide to life. At the same time, the bible contains the God-given laws which outline the standards that one need to adhere. There are Old Testament and New Testament verses in the bile about law.

Old Testament Verses

The Old Testament has arguably more verses about the law than the New Testament. The Christians live under “grace” in the new testament but were “under the law” in the Old Testament according to Saint Paul’s writing to Romans.

There are three different categories of law in the Old Testament Bible verses. They include;

a) The civil laws

The civil laws provided for the guidelines on the daily living. The laws were primarily subjected to the Israelites. They were mainly found in the books such as Deuteronomy and Ecclesiastes.

The laws revealed the principle objects behind the commands by God. The guide to Israelite’s daily living provided in Deuteronomy 24:10 to 11 provides an example of such laws.

An explanation of the civil laws relates to the relationship between the humans. The requirement of permanent nature of marriage in book of Hosea chapter one, Numbers in chapter forty, and Malachi chapter two shows what God needs marriage to be among the Christians.

b) Moral laws

The Moral laws are express commands by the creator. They are commonly written in the direct and commanding language.

The Ten commandments emerge as a great example of the moral laws. Scriptures such as Exodus chapter 20 are an example of the moral laws.

c) The ceremonial laws

There are various procedural laws within the bible. Such laws provide the details of the process of worshiping God. Leviticus chapter one, for instance, provides for guidelines one needs to follow while offering a burnt offering or a sacrifice to God.

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The New Testament

It is a common description that the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Thus, one can expect that the teachings of the New Testament. Jesus is at the center of the New Testament and thus fulfills what is provided in the Old Testament.

The commandment to love

Jesus summarized all commandments within the Bible as the command to love God and our neighbors. Thus, love emerges as the supreme and overriding law in all the scriptural contexts. Even then, it is evident that there are different categories of laws in the New Testament as discussed below.

a) Health laws

It is important to note that there are health laws in the New Testament. It urges people to refrain from practices that can harm their health. Alcohol abuse, for instance, is prohibited in the book of first Peter chapter four and Ephesians chapter five.

b) The moral laws

The moral laws form a substantial part of the New Testament. They aim at regulating human behavior and providing guidelines for ethics. The books such as first Corinthians chapter ten, Romans chapter three, and John chapter fifteen are just a few examples of the moral laws, criminal laws in the New Testament. That is one of the best criminology essays

The Old Testament emerges as a revelation of the laws from God to strictly adhere to remain in a good relationship with Him. There were numerous and diverse laws in the Old Testament.

The New Testament largely focuses on the moral laws as a guide to Christians. Ceremonial laws are uniquely absent in the New Testament. The New Testament’s law can be summarized as the need to love God and neighbor.