10 Good Reasons to go to Church this week

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A few Months ago, On Sunday morning I visited the church. I learned religion beauty by meeting the followers of Christ. I met some lovely people and liked the worship of the Lord with them in the light-music, cameras, and atmosphere.


Beauty in the meetings of followers of Christ:


For a long time, I received letters from my centres who confess that they have not attended church for years. For me, not going to church is like being at the same time abandoning a trip to Disneyland, a shopping center and the beach on a sunny day.


Last night I decided to write and publish this article for, my readers. I wanted to see the facial expression of my readers. I hope it will be like a child struggling to ask his mother to take him to an amusement park. Well, let’s discuss them One by One.



Ten Good Reasons to go to Church


  1. If you follow Christ, you are part of the body of it, and the body generally consists of elements that are not separated but interconnected. I know one good young woman who is recovering from the amputation of the leg, so I can imagine how difficult it is to reconcile with the amputation
  2. Through you, God wants to reveal Himself to others. When you participate in the life of the church, people have a greater understanding of God. Sounds amazing, right?
  3. God has endowed you with spiritual gifts that should be used to grow the body of Christ. Other believers are desperate for your reward.
  4. One must eat, abide in the teaching, and pray with other believers.
  5. Gifts must be shared, and by communicating sufficiently with the believing brothers and sisters, you can understand their needs and bless them with what God has blessed you. And they, in turn, will want to share their gifts with you.
  6. Constant support is needed not only for you but also for other believers because our life is complicated.
  7. One must be able to support other believers, both in grief and in joy. This can be learned only by talking and recognizing other believers for a long time.
  8. Often, through the words and actions of believers, we receive peace and comfort from God, and He wants us to pass this world on to other believers around us.
  9. If God is your Father, then the church is a meeting of members of one family.
  10. God’s love in us attains perfection when we gather in love with other believers.


See, you need a church just as the church needs you.


But everything is not so simple. Sometimes people can hurt you, and often they can disappoint you. But the church is arranged according to God’s plan, and if you still dare to go to church, you will glorify God, and you will be filled with joy.


I appeal to those who regularly go to church, could you leave comments on the article, about why it is so essential for you to meet with your church family continually? Perhaps your words will serve as an encouragement for those who need it so much!